31 Oct

Manager or PR Pro? How to Know Which One You Need and When You Need Them

Public relations is the art of creating or managing a person or brands reputation. It is the art of navigating the trenches storytelling to deliver a good story that others want to hear. As a professional, business owner or entrepreneur, there will come a time in your journey where you will need a professional-eye to come in and help you connect with those who need to know you exist. And when that time comes, you need to hire a PR professional.

Here is the deal: I get asked all the time what the difference is between a publicist and a manager.

Managers are responsible for ensuring that their client received work and is compensated fairly for the work they perform. Some of the people that benefit from having a manager are public figures, music artists, authors, speakers, and consultants. The managers’ job is to negotiate on your behalf and to make sure that you have revenue generated from operating in your genius. They are typically paid when they secure work for you — this means they get paid when you get paid and typically, they get a percentage of what you are paid. There are many successful managers like. When you need someone to manage your schedule and opportunities, you hire a manager or booking agent.

On the other hand, a publicist or PR professional is responsible for managing your reputation, boosting your credibility and ensuring that you are positioned as an expert, resource or brand that matters. They are not specifically hired to get you paid — however, if done properly, the efforts of your PR pro can affect your bottom line. A PR professional manages your image to make sure your brand is cohesive, communicates with the media on your behalf, writes press releases and brand announcements and more. Their ultimate goal is to make sure you get seen and heard by local, national and even international platforms that match your target audience.

There are times when the duties of both can cross, and a manager may have to be their client’s reputation manager if no PR pro is on their team or a PR pro takes on the role of getting their client bookings. Every situation is different, and the variables that exist are ironed out in the working agreement.

As a rule of thumb, when you need to get booked and generate revenue, you need a manager. When you are making money, and you need help gaining exposure, you need a publicist or PR pro.

Bill Gates once said, “If I only had a dollar left, I’d spend it on PR.”

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