26 Nov

3 Reasons Why Taking Action Now is Critical to Your Success

The speed of doing business is now. The speed of living is now. The more you take time to think and to ponder what could be, the more time you squander not doing the things you need to do to make great things happen for you.

I am a fan of big thinking and allowing the mind to wander. I believe some of the most prolific inventors and masterminds of our present time were able to dream and to create because they learned to harness the power of the mind. Not only did they think their way to success, but they added action behind their thoughts, and this is where the difference is made.

If you desire to create success for yourself that happens sooner then later, you need to get in the habit of taking actions that get you closer to your goal. Here are three reasons why taking action now is critical to your success.

1. When you take immediate action, you have a lesser chance of life getting in the way and distracting you.

Distractions are real and ever-present. And not all distractions are dangerous. No matter how much we’d hate to admit it, sometimes life can throw more than a few loopholes our way. These loopholes take us off course and make us forget about the goals we have set and the actions we said we would take to make them come to life. Every once and again, we have to throw the plan out the window and go with the flow because life has happened. While we cannot predict what happens in life from day to day, we can plan for what we want to happen and take actions to make those things happen.

When you get an idea or a thought that feels “right,” don’t wait to act on it. Start mapping out your plan immediately. Creativity has a way of being downloaded at the right moment in time. You have to be ready to set your intention to act and make things happen for yourself, no matter what.

2. Taking action reminds you of how capable you are.

Self-doubt is real, and comparison is the thief of time and joy. Sometimes you have to be your own biggest cheerleader and root yourself on by doing the things that make you happy but also stretch you to do something new. As human beings, we tend to yearn to display a sense of false humility to make ourselves blend in with everyone else. When it comes to your success, this is not the time to want to belong with the pack. You have to be willing to show up and show out for yourself.

Sometimes doing the one thing you were afraid to do has a way of waking up the sleeping giant in you. All of a sudden, you get a dose of confidence that puts your fears to shame, and you find yourself feeling bold and making bold moves. Show yourself how capable you are and set your sights and actions on doing the one thing you were told you could not do. Remind yourself that you have more power than you give yourself credit for and that you are capable of doing and creating great things.

3. Generating momentum creates shifts in your mindset, in your business and your life.

Momentum is powerful. And when you activate it, its hard to turn it off. More often than not, action is what separates the doers from the thinkers and the sayers. Even when you do not have all the answers or you do not fully know all the steps you need to take, doing something rather than doing nothing is often the best option.

You have to get yourself into the flow of who you are so you can best determine where you need to focus your energy. Your perspective is what sets you apart. How you see yourself and how you look at yourself compared to others in the world plays a significant role in how quickly you work to make things happen. Taking a step forward reminds you that you are making progress and as always, making progress is better than aiming for perfection.

Today, take a few moments to think about what your next best moves need to be. Think about those things you have longed to do that you have put off to the side thinking “now is not the right time.” Who knows… the very thing you keep putting off could be the one thing that will change your entire situation for the better.

Trust yourself to know what’s best for you. Trust yourself only to do thing things that best serve you and your purpose in this world. Take a step toward your future self and create the good you wish to see in your life and your business.