02 Nov

Being Honest With Yourself Helps Your Business Grow. Here’s Why.

We live in a society where if it didn’t happen on social media, it didn’t happen in real life. For most, the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” mentality does more harm than it does good because we find ourselves living a life that doesn’t feel like it belongs to us.

Being a PR pro, a consultant, a writer and speaker, my job is to tell stories. I tell other people’s stories to pitch them to the media. I write other people’s stories to help them generate interest and sales. I tell my own stories to show others a little bit of the behind the scenes of a serial entrepreneur who lives 100% in the business world and 100% in mommy mode, doctoral learner, and many other things. I posted on Facebook the other day because I felt led to share my own shortcomings in business to help someone else see the power on owning your stuff so you can get better and be better.

I’d like to share that post here because no matter what function of life you may occupy, you can always be better. CEO, COO, Account Executive, Solopreneur, Consultant, no matter what it is, self-awareness and personal development can help you in so many ways.

As a leader, of your own vision or someone else’s, you have to know who you are and what you want. You have to know what your weaknesses and strengths are and you have to be willing to own all of who you are. People are more apt to follow you when they feel like you are more human than you are leader, manager or boss. Take a moment to share more of “you” with your staff, team or followers today.


I used to be THAT person.

I used to keep track of every rejection email from companies that would not hire me.

I used to keep track of every initial consult who said they’d work with me and never did.

I used to count up the proposals I spent hours creating after a free consult, only to get crickets when it was time to close the deal.

I used to be the business owner who focused more on those who said “no” and “not now” than the ones who said “yes” day in and day out.

I used to count the times individuals emailed or inboxed me when they never attempted to spend a dime with me.

I used to feel slighted when my friends in business would hire other people to do what they know I could do.

I used to get disheartened when I an saw opportunity and people gave me opposition.

I used to feel like I was doing more faking it than making it…

But that’s all changed now.

You see, at some point, I started to realize that everybody is out here chasing “it.” And that “it” looks different for each and every one of us.

I started to notice that my jaded view of people, business and entrepreneurship was keeping me from growing at the pace I needed.

I didn’t want to go live every day. I didn’t want to sell low-priced products. I didn’t want to discount my services.

In my own twisted world, I thought that if I sold it, they’d buy it.

That proved to be a lie!

I had to get out of my own way.

I had to get tunnel vision about what I wanted in life and in business.

I had to be honest with myself that much of the work I was doing didn’t feel authentic to me and what I really wanted to do.

I had to start valuing people and relationships over credibility and dollars.

I had to drop my ego and start doing what made dollars and sense.

I had to start investing in my personal and professional craft.

I had to start sharpening my skills… I have four companies to run!

I had to focus on the value I provided instead of the dollar amount I thought people could afford.

I had to get back to the basic business of changing the way I saw myself.

I had to get back to the basic business of changing the way I saw others.

I had to get back to the basic business of bettering ME!

I had to shake myself off and remember that I have everything I need to make magic happen for myself and for others.. I just needed to tap into my greatness.

I remembered that when I change my perspective, I change my life.

And that, my friends, has made all the difference. #TyposIncluded

If you can identify with any part of my message, I’d love to hear from you.