02 Feb

Even if You Are New, You Can Still Be an Expert

When you are a new business owner, entry-level professional or entrepreneur, getting others to see you as an expert can be tough. People are already brand loyalists to more established companies and because you feel like you don’t have enough skin in the game, you feel intimidated in sharing your genius.

In my article on Entrepreneur.com, I share four basic ways you can build trust with your audience or colleagues to build a reputation. While the article is aimed at new entrepreneurs, the tips I share can be applied to professionals at all levels and even seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking to penetrate a new market or audience.

Here are my four tips:

  1. Stick to being an expert in one thing.
  2. Create content around your authority and on subjects that complement your authority.
  3. Connect and collaborate with others in your industry.
  4. Leverage the teaching and resources of established authorities in your space.

As published on Entrepreneur.com, read the entire article here.