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Topics Touch: Leadership, Team-Building, Millennial Engagement, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Business Building, Communications --- Including: Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders - Overcoming a Limiting a Self-Limiting Mindset - Mastering Communication Skills to Expand Your Brand Reach - Building a Business Lifestyle You Don't Have to Take a Vacation From
Topics Touch: Leadership Success, Executive Presence, Strategic Team-Building, Millennial Engagement, Corporate Communications --- Including: Establishing a Winning Company Culture - Marketing to Millennials on Your Terms - Creating Trend-Driven Content that Converts - Developing a Balanced Business Lifestyle
Topics Touch: Leadership Success, Executive Presence, Strategic Team-Building, Millennial Engagement, Corporate Communications --- Including: Eliminating Excuses and Getting Massive Results in Your Life and Business - Resetting Your Daily Activities to Increase Your Energetic Flow - Communicating Your Way to Conversations that Convert - Developing Content that Attracts Eyes and Open Wallets


I am a powerhouse speaker with a timeless and impactful message of leadership and business success for creative and corporate professionals. As an effective advocate of millennial engagement and personal and professional development, I have positioned myself to be a household name as I travel the world engaging, coaching and inspiring audiences to use their influence to make a global difference. My expertise has reached over 25 publications including Forbes, Black Enterprise, Essence, Business Insider, Entrepreneur and the Huff Post. And I've been told that I speak with a boldness like no one has seen ever before. My goal to “wow,” motivate, and educate your audience to take audacious moves towards their personal and professional goals to build the lifestyle and business of their dreams.


As a serial and social entrepreneur, I am on a mission to help individuals and companies bridge communications gap that keeps them from connecting with their target audiences. I work in multi-faceted settings including one-on-one, small groups and teams, small and large conferences and summits as well as through digital methods. Hire me to work with you and your team or to bring my expertise and energy to your organization’s next training or meeting.


I am a highly sought-after brand communications coach, any client who works with me (in any capacity) gets a bit of coaching included in their service package. Be it branding, communications, writing or public relations, my nature to coach cannot be hidden.

For Corporate Entities

I help, consult and train decision makers in corporations on how to identify communication gaps in their culture and leadership to create a cohesive and collaborative work environment for executive, managers and employees.

For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

I coach, consult and train SBOs and entrepreneurs on how to effectively communicate their value and unique selling proposition they can attract their ideal customers and clients — to increase their bottom line.

For Millennial Professionals

I coach, consult and train millennials and those associated to explore career options that fuel creativity and spark sustainable ideas to build lucrative companies or to work within an established company as an effective intrapreneur.

For Youth & Youth Advisors

I coach, consult and train youth and youth advisors, educators, and mentors on how to navigate the trenches of peer-to-peer communication to empower youth to grow into productive world citizens who inspire change and make a difference.

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