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Positioned to be a leading Millennial influence in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, my mission is to bridge the gap between professionalism, passion and profits. I believe that in every opposition there is an opportunity for learning, growth and change. With that said, with my entrepreneurial experience in working in cross-generational environments, my focus is to help break down stereotypical barriers that prevent employees, intrapreneurs, leaders and entrepreneurs from feeling connected to their work and building a lifestyle that supports their personal and professional well-being. Let's work!

My Expertise

Here are the areas I thrive in...


I assist small business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations create brand messaging that attracts.


I teach and consult organizations on how to create a company culture that creates engagement that transcends generational lines.


I coach, teach and consult entrepreneurs, SBOs, and personal brands how to position themselves for maximum visibility and exposure opportunities.


I coach and teach professionals, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs at heart how to build a lifestyle that supports the lifestyle they deserve and desire.

Satisfied Clients...

Maleeka has done an amazing job with offering business advice to take my brand to the next level. If you need clear direction on where to take your brand then Maleeka is the best person for you!
_Rennie Curran,Author, Speaker & Former NFL Pro
Marcus & Cortney
We worked with Maleeka with only a short span of time to get things done and it was nothing short of amazing! With her work ethic, poise and skill, she was able to get the word out about our business
_Marcus & Courtney of BlaqueStone,Neo-Soul Music Duo
When it comes to crafting your brand story in a way that resonates with those who need to connect with you and gets you noticed, Maleeka is the best! My time with her was the best investment I’ve made
_Joy Pittman,Strategic Thought Partner & Speaker
Maleeka was the key to my successful branded photoshoot. She knew what I needed to wear, how I needed to pose, and what I needed to do to make sure my photos matched my brand. Don’t try to get visibility
_Sha Cannon,Expert Advocate, Author & Speaker
10Years Of Experience
50Satisfied Clients
10Companies Helped
70Articles & Interviews Published

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